White City Bar & Lounge

Located on the lobby level of the Boulevard Hotel Baku, White City Bar & Lounge provides guests with light breakfasts in the morning, an amazing choice of special teas in the afternoon and a delicious mix of botanical cocktails alongside infused vodkas, whisky sets and aged rums in the evening. 

Inspired by the future aspirations of people for a cleaner, healthier natural world and city, traditional and avant-garde design with the airy elegance of a modernist yacht club creates an optimistic and friendly atmosphere in the afternoon, which morphs into luxurious yet cozy ambiance in the evening, making White City Bar & Lounge a wonderful place to unwind after a busy day on an open terrace overlooking the sea

The White City Bar & Lounge team are looking forward to welcoming you.

Restaurant menus: Food Menu and Beverage Menu.

Enjoy Sushi at our Restaurant. See our Sushi Menu

For reservations, please contact us: +994 12 310 0010.


Besides large variety of international meal options in the menu, White City Lounge & Bar presents traditional dishes from  Azerbaijani cuisine. Savor to mouthwatering delights from tempting light snacks and salads to main course options. We love and highly recommend to taste traditional Azeri cuisine and never leave Baku without spoiling yourself to this unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Wine Leaves Dolma

Wine leaves dolma is one of the most popular local dishes. Soft grape leaves stuffed with beef and lamb meat mix, fresh smell of green herbs and mint flavor notes compose a fragrant bouquet of taste which is hard to refuse. 


One of the most favorite dishes of Bakunians. Stuffed meat with herbs wraped in thin dough cooked in broth. Appetizing aroma of rich broth with turmeric and saffron mixed with fresh dried mint. Dushbere is served with wine vinegar, mixed with garlic - this sauce creates sour taste beautifully combined with minced meat. Many people believe that this dish is perfect to have during winter season, however we assure you that it's hard to resist this mouthwatering delight even during summer.


Azerbaijani cuisine is rich in dishes of flour and Gurza is one of the most popular among them. It is a paradise for pastry and meat lovers. Hearty portions of juicy minced meat with spices and herbs wrapped in homemade dough and steamed in broth. Gurza served with homemade yogurt or with delicate cheese. 


Levengi - traditional local dish, with roots from the southern part of Azerbaijan. Levengi is the name of filling, which consists of walnut, red onion, and special sour plum paste. There are 2 types levengi: with chicken and fish. Try chicken levengi with crispy and juicy filling at White City Bar & Lounge.


Dogramaj is a light summer cold dish, served as a starter or as a supplement to the main dish. Prepared from fresh plain yogurt with the addition of cucumbers and greens. This low-calorie refreshing and thirst-quenching traditional dish is a favorite of vegetarians. We strongly recommend to try a light Dogramaj at White City Bar & Lounge in an exclusive presentation.



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The hotel is opening summer 2015.